Electric Hyundai Kona traveled on a single charge 1026 km

Electric Hyundai Kona traveled on a single charge 1026 km


Currently, Hyundai Kona Electric able to travel up to 484 kilometres on one charge, but it’s nothing compared with the mileage that Hyundai managed to wring from its electric crossover.

Hyundai Kona Electric is available with two battery packs, the smallest of which has a capacity of 39 kWh, and the highest is 64 kWh. Kona Electric largest capacity according to the cycle WLTP, able to travel up to 484 miles on a single charge, and this figure pales in comparison with the result that most Hyundai have managed to squeeze out of the battery 64 kWh.


Hyundai failed to miraculously increase the reserve Kona Electric more than doubled. However, on the German track Lausitszring 3.2 km-long brand tested three Kona Electric crossover with a single purpose: to squeeze as many miles out of a fully charged battery pack.

Each of the three standard Kona, is equipped with a battery 64 kWh, according to Hyundai, drove more than 1000 kilometers on a single charge. The absolute winner was the bright red version, which were able to drive 1026 kilometres before was used the last “drop” of electricity. “Record Kona” consumed all of 6.24 kWh per 100 km, which is significantly less than the value of 14.7 kWh / 100 km, determined by the method of the WLTP. The remaining two Kona Electric drove 1018,7 and 1024,1 km, equally impressive.

Hyundai organized the change drivers, each of which could drive a kilometer at the speed of the “average city traffic”. The average speed for 1,000 km ranges from 29 to 31 km/h. in fact, three Kona and their pilots competed with each other. They were allowed to use the climate control, but of course, nobody decided to turn up the air conditioning and increase the consumption of electricity, which was difficult, considering the outdoor temperature is 29 degrees. The infotainment system also is not used by any team. Incidentally, all Kona used the standard tires Nexen Nfera SU1 with low rolling resistance.

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