Electric Jaguar XJ delayed

Electric Jaguar XJ delayed


The release of the new electric Jaguar XJ was postponed until the end of 2021. The reason for this decision was to reduce costs. Originally, Jaguar planned to show its new product before the end of this year, but the debut was postponed at least until October 2021.

New fully electric model of the Jaguar XJ will be produced at the plant, located in the English town of castle Bromwich. There are also involved in the Assembly of motor vehicles XE and XF. This plant will only open next month after long periods of inactivity during a pandemic. And, most likely, at first, it will work in the partial force.


Note that the Alliance Jaguar Land Rover owned by Indian company Indian Tata Group. Like other manufacturers, the British brand Jaguar was forced to cut some expenses to overcome the recent financial losses associated with pandemic coronavirus.

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