Electric Jawa: stylish sustainability

Electric Jawa: stylish sustainability


Official confirmation of the release of this bike has not yet been reported.

Currently, the Jawa brand owned by the Indian company Mahindra. Not so long ago on the web rumors about the possible revival of the brand motorcycles with fully electric propulsion. Official confirmation of this information from the company did not, however, the Indian press assumed that the output of the electric motorcycle is possible by 2022.


Recently, the network appeared images of the alleged motorcycle Jawa. Apparently, the novelty will have the appearance, which is very much like the good old Jawa motorcycle. The only difference is that instead of the internal combustion engine is the battery. In this case, the motor is located in the rear wheel of the bike.

It is assumed that the motorcycle will be available in different colors and with different finishes. Apparently, the appearance of the bike will remain a classic, because petrol Jawa still use in India in great demand.

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