Electric MINI has been tested in New York

Electric MINI has been tested in New York


During the test, the organizers decided to check how the MINI Cooper SE electric car will behave on the roads of New York. The Manhattan area was chosen as a test site.

MINI Cooper SE is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 184 hp, which is capable of accelerating a car from standstill to 60 km / h in 3.9 seconds, csn-tv.ru specifies. The new electric car turned out to be practically silent. For the safety of pedestrians, the company’s engineers have equipped the car with special external speakers that reproduce a special sound when driving at low speeds.

Thanks to the energy recovery in the MINI Cooper SE through braking, the batteries can last longer without recharging. This system is very useful in busy cities, where finding a free charging station is problematic. The function is activated at the request of the driver using a button in the cabin.

Union Jack LED optics and taillights are very energy efficient. Automatic climate control also uses very little electricity. The interior space is heated by a heat pump, which uses the temperature discharged from the engine and the high-voltage battery. This technology uses 75% less energy than an electric heating system, while maintaining comfortable interior temperatures in cold weather.

The compact MINI Cooper SE has a sufficiently capacious luggage compartment, which is achieved thanks to the location of the battery in the engine compartment. If necessary, the boot volume can be increased from 211 to 731 liters thanks to the folding rear row of seats.

Thanks to its fairly compact dimensions, the MINI Cooper SE can easily be parked in a densely populated city. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a variety of electronic driver assistants.

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