Electric Mini required update


Preparation of serial electric car Mini Cooper SE took the company about ten years. The first batch of 600 prototypes on the basis of a hatchback of the previous generation was released in 2009, but the final version debuted last summer, and most of the world markets for its sales started a few months ago. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is already working on the restyling of the lenses of photospies got the updated Mini Cooper hatchback SE, which is being tested in striking camouflage wrap.

We now can see that the electric Mini will gain a new front bumper with an enlarged “mouth” air intake, which will accrue to him from the versions with internal combustion engines, although it is likely, on version SE it will be replaced by a plug. In addition, judging by the pictures, the place fog lights on the edges of the bumper is the air intakes. The rest of the electro hatchback costs virtually indistinguishable from the pre-reform model.


The interior of the Mini Cooper hatchback SE also takes easy upgrade: most likely, the media system modernized. And the probability that the engineers will fix the weak point of electric hatchback and will offer a modest alternative to the traction battery with a capacity of 32.6 kW·h, because in the Arsenal of BMW, there are a larger battery pack, which is equipped with model i3s (42,2 kWh). According to preliminary information, the debut of the updated Mini Cooper hatchback SE will be held next year.

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