Electric motorcycle OFR-M1

Electric motorcycle OFR-M1


Danish startup Offset Motorcycles has unveiled the OFR-M1 electric dual sport. The developer himself describes it as a lightweight electric off-road bike, as evidenced by its design.

The power unit is clearly visible, since there is no body kit. A three-phase IPM PMS electric motor is installed under the saddle. The manufacturer claims high power output and efficient efficiency. Power at 25 kW (33.5 HP)

Jacob Kistorpe, Founder and CEO of Offset Motorcycles: “We are delighted to present our project. It took many months to perfect our product and in our opinion the result is a reflection of that. ” – OFR-M1 is equipped with 6.2 kWh batteries, which are enough for 1.5 hours of active off-road motorcycle operation. It is important to understand that the bike cannot be used on DOPs.

Pre-orders for OFR-M1 will start accepting in 2022. The company is developing a road version in parallel.

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