Electric motors manufacturer Nidec likened himself to “Tesla”

Electric motors manufacturer Nidec likened himself to “Tesla”


Recently, the Japanese company Nidec called himself a “Tesla” among manufacturers of engines for electric vehicles. According to the head of Nidec, more and more companies in need of advanced electric motors for electric vehicles. Nidec he knows everything about motors and is preparing to begin to produce a relatively inexpensive and high-quality motors.

Company name Nidec became widely known about a decade ago, when the flood in Thailand flooded the factories of hard drive manufacturers, and along with the plants Nidec, which was collected motors for hard disk drives. Then it turned out that over 70% of electric motors for HDD produces this Japanese company that does not negate the fact that she is very good at it. Why do you expect that electric motors for electric vehicles it will also be able to produce at a very high level of quality at a reasonable price.


It is important to note that Nidec, contrary to current trends, are not afraid to invest in China. In particular, she recently opened in China’s new development center. Moreover, the main consumers of Nidec traction motors for electric vehicles today are Chinese companies. According to the manufacturer, more than 10 of her 15 clients all over the world is Chinese.

Nidec is going to compete with rivals not only innovation and quality engines, but also the price. She promised twice to reduce the cost of production of electric motors for electric vehicles, and has already achieved a 30% cost reduction. In the end, Nidec is going to release the motors that will be significantly cheaper than competing offers without compromising performance.

Pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 reduced the demand for electric motors for electric vehicles that has affected Nidec as well as other manufacturers, but it promises a dignified way out of the crisis. “Car production ceased. But the trend toward electrification continues. More and more companies want to produce electric cars,” – said the head of the company Shigenobu Nagamori (Shigenobu Nagamori).

“We as Tesla in the business of electric motors for vehicles,” said Nagamori. Noting that Tesla recently surpassed Toyota Motor capitalization and became the most expensive automaker in the world, he explained: “This is because investors expect the transition to electric vehicles. We must prepare for a radical shift”.


However, the pandemic even helped Nidec. Remote work has increased the demand for laptops and electric motors for cooling systems of mobile PCs. Also become popular motors for masks for medical purposes. These areas allow Nidec generally a good idea to measure the revenue in the current fiscal year, although it is projected at two percent less than in the past.

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