Electric Mustang can travel over 230 kilometres

Electric Mustang can travel over 230 kilometres

British startup Charge Automotive presented at the festival of speed at Goodwood the Ford Mustang sports car with electric propulsion. The car will release a limited edition of 499 copies. The price of the car will start from 336 to 480 euros. The first deliveries are expected in September.

The structure of the power installation of the device comes with batteries with a capacity of 64 kWh and four motor – one for each wheel. The total power of a sports car with 470 horsepower. Without recharging the Ford Mustang can drive more than 230 miles. Maximum speed – 240 km per hour. To 100 km/h the car can accelerate in less than 4 seconds.

Ford itself recently patented a new combined power-plant which will create on the basis of the petrol unit V8. It is expected that this scheme used a hybrid version of the sports car Mustang. According to the patent, the internal combustion engine will drive the rear axle. He will work in tandem with two electric motors responsible for rotation of the front wheels.

While it remains unclear whether the hybrid modification of the current model or the version with V8 and two electric motors will get the Mustang in the next generation, which will appear after 2020.

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