Electric Opel Mokka-e sold out a year in the go

Electric Opel Mokka-e sold out a year in the go


The price list of the Opel Mokka-e battery compact for Europe was published on September 22, orders are being accepted, and deliveries to customers are scheduled for March-April 2021. However, the demand is so great that the quota for next year has already been exhausted. According to insidevs, Electrek and Elecrive, with reference to dealers, the majority of orders came from Germany, where customers are given an” environmental bonus ” of 9570 euros, reducing the initial price of Mocha-e to 23,420 euros.

Basic Mokka-e in Germany costs 32,990 euros. Version of Edition – 34 110, Elegance-37 300, GS Line – 38 980, Ultimate – 41 220.

Prices for the Peugeot e-2008, Mocha’s technical twin, were announced back in December 2019, and now start at 37,700 euros. There are no record sales in the reports, but monthly demand (for all versions in total) returned to over 17,000 units.

It is not possible to check the presence of hype using statistics before actual sales begin. But Opel confirmed that “demand is clearly exceeding expectations” and called it a “surprise”. According to representatives, some variants of the Mokka-e (the basic and next-generation configuration) are sold out until September 2021, while the gasoline and diesel versions do not suffer from a surplus of buyers. PSA’s French plant in Poissy can produce 175,000 cars a year and produces the DS 3 Crossback in addition to the Mocha.

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