Electric Pickman is the cutest little electropica 5 $ 700

Electric Pickman is the cutest little electropica 5 $ 700

Electric Pickman is the cutest little electropica you have ever seen. It is ideal for the delivery of goods by city, industry and farms.

In our days the electric pickups are something special, but nothing compares to the attractiveness of the Chinese all-electric pickup truck Pickman. Moreover, its price is only $5 700.

This comfortable double truck is a product Kaiyun Motors. According to the characteristics, Pickman has an actual capacity of up to 1,000 kg, although its rated capacity is only 600 kg. Access to the cargo compartment behind the passenger compartment possible on the sides and the tailgate that provides easy loading of cargo from all sides. Because it’s an all-electric pickup under the hood also has a storage capacity of 64 liters.

Pickup truck equipped with a synchronous AC motor that drives the rear wheels and is powered by the Central battery on 100 And?h Electric Pickman has a cruising range on a single charge 110 km, a full charging takes 8-10 hours.

The power output of the motor is only 3 kW (4 HP) and a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Information on torque yet, but the brochure refers to the “big engine torque and rear drive system that provides enough power to the car.”