Electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck appeared as a camper

Electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck appeared as a camper


Tesla CEO Elon Musk unofficially encouraged this idea: he expressed his attitude to this project on Twitter.

The Tesla Cybertruck pickup is quite capable of towing a small motorhome. At the same time, the electric car itself can also be used to power such a camper. It can be solar panels, a system of additional batteries, etc., the list goes on and on.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as it turned out, supports such ideas. Responding to the “tweet”, he was laconic and limited himself to a simple “yes.” Inside the camper shown in the picture, we see a sleeping area with a large double bed, located on a raised platform, a small kitchen and a mini-living room.

Externally, the caravan follows the angular silhouette of a pickup truck with geometric wheel arches and an original glass line.

It turned out to be a very harmonious tandem, so in the future an electric pickup may well take on such a role.

In the meantime, it remains to wait for the appearance of the serial Tesla Cybertruck. Moreover, the automaker promised to tell about the carried out upgrade of its electric car very soon.

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