Electric pickup truck Tesla will appear in two to three months

Electric pickup truck Tesla will appear in two to three months

The founder of Tesla Elon Musk has promised that the long-awaited electric pickup officially debuted in the next two to three months. According to him, work on electric vehicles already on the final stage.

Previously, Musk said that after entering the market the novelty will cost about 49 thousand dollars, but the company will try to make the price tag lower to the opportunity to acquire the truck was from different buyers. Today, the founder of “Tesla” announced that the official premiere of new items will be held in the next two to three months.

Any news on the Tesla pickup truck? We’re going crazy, we need to know. We’re close to completion, but all the magic in the final touches. Maybe left 2-3 months

Rumors that the California company is working on an electric pickup truck appeared in 2016. Then the company published the development strategy of the brand in the coming years, and on one of the slides users have noticed a giant pickup truck that was like a mini version of a Semi truck. Musk later confirmed that work on the new model is really underway.

The exterior of the pickup truck remains a mystery: the manufacturer said that the pickup can be just a smaller replica of the Semi truck, and then published a dark teaser, which shows only the line of the body of the future car. Many designers publish their renders of new items, and a couple of days ago his version of a pickup truck showed Alex Jaeger, the art Director of visual effects, who worked on the second “Star wars” and “Men in black”.

Today on a technical stuffing of a pickup truck is little known – it will get propulsion from two electric motors, suspension that can adjust the load of the body, and the automatic Parking system. According to preliminary data, a single charge will be enough for 800 kilometers.

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