Electric Plane Of The Future | Archer

Electric Plane Of The Future | Archer


This is the Plane & Transport of the future – the fully electric VTOL aircraft by Archer!Watch Archer’s Livestream –  Archer’s YouTube – Learn more about Archer – Follow Archer on Instagram – Follow Archer on Twitter – This video has been sponsored by Archer.Music by: Willyecho – Welcome To The Fire

so you just this is how easy it is just pop that step back and you’ve got hello a gull wing door i’m seeing all of these similarities between cars so let’s open the other side look how pretty it is out today l.a baby that’s where i am on a helipad in l.a what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie and i’m going to show you something super super cool okay i’m not in la well i am in la but i’m actually in a studio look at this look at this this is so cool so this is where a massive event is about to happen it’s all about to go down for something super special right here this is the future of transport it’s called the maker by archer check this out now let’s get into this you might be thinking what in the world is this this is a fully electric plane that actually takes off vertically and lands vertically so when i first saw this i thought okay so some people are going to buy this for themselves pop it in their backyards use it as like a helicopter no that is not the purpose of this what they’re doing is they’re creating a whole new network for mass transportation so people like you and me we’re going to be riding around in this baby in the future instead of cars so i think it’s my channel day i’m switching to planes i follow my new channel uh super plane blondie all right now let me just show you what is actually going on here a lot of us are spending way too much time in traffic today right especially in la especially in these really crowded suburban areas so what they’re going to do is they’re going to have helipads just like this that fits on a helipad or on the top of car parks lots of different areas around the city where you can actually get into this and instead of driving an hour to get to your destination it will only take about 10 minutes instead so 10 minutes is a massive difference now also you might be thinking well it’s probably going to be really expensive no that sounds like how can you keep the cost so low so per mile it’s going to be about three to four dollars so an an hour long trip in a car is going to cost you about 30 to 40 dollars in this plane so it’s actually going to cost you less than getting in an uber to your destination for an hour and that is kind of crazy we’re actually going to be speaking to the founders in this video so i can ask them all of those questions so you got six rotors here in the front you see this and you can see that they actually are designed to move so at the moment they’re facing up and that is for takeoff so they’ll face up to take off it’ll take about 30 seconds and then once you’re in the air these rotors will actually tip forward so the plane is is being driven forward by these rotors so these things move which is super cool now on the back you’ve got another six rotors and these ones always stay upright here all along the wingspan now what is super cool about this is because i know a lot of you will be thinking well what’s the difference between this and a helicopter because i had the same questions this has a lot of differences and i’m going to explain a few of them but one of the main ones is the sound reduction if you hear a helicopter you can literally hear a helicopter approaching from miles away they’re really really noisy this right here is a hundred times quieter than a helicopter why because you’ve got one massive rotor on a helicopter right at the top and the edges of the rotor swing so fast that they’re actually almost breaking the sound barrier so that’s when you get the book sound like you can hear from miles away this right here how does it go kind of sounds like okay this right here you’ve actually got much smaller blades and you’ve got 12 of them so it actually makes the sound much much less noisy than a helicopter so that’s one of the main things going for this as opposed to a helicopter the other thing of course is you’ve got motors electric motors not engines so that’s going to be intrinsically actually just quieter than an engine right this right here has zero points of failure i was like what what does that actually mean they said okay so in a helicopter you have about 200 to 300 points of failure if one of those things goes wrong that’s it you’re going down with this pretty much everything can fail and you’re still going to land safely that is kind of crazy because these are all independent motors so if you lose one two three four which i mean the chances of that happen would be so small but if it did happen because it has a wing you can still glide down to safety this is also built for like mini exploration trips so you can go to places that for example never even had roads built to them you can land literally anywhere i mean new desert locations just remote areas basically that you never would have been able to get to by car or it would take too long to get there now should we have a look inside this is quite cool this one here is actually autonomous so you just this is how easy it is just pop that step back and you’ve got hello a gull wing door i’m seeing all of these similarities between cars so let’s open the other side who doesn’t love a gold wing look at that how cool does that look come on this just looks cool doesn’t it this one is the first one they’ve built it actually seats two passengers but when it comes to market what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna have a piloted version so the pilot will sit up the front here and then you’ll have four passengers in the back this right here can actually fly autonomously it does not need a pilot but because of regulations at this point they’re not allowed to launch this version you’ve got this beautiful 180 view because you can see all the way through this window all the way up here all the way out here so you got this cool screen here and this will just show some basics because of course you don’t really need to know that much it’s just it’s taking you on your journey from a to b you just sit back and let the maker do its thing you’ll just have like the current trip where you’re going how long it will take to get there maybe the the altitude the temperature that that’s it the speed and and boom there’s really not much else you need in here you’ve got some cupholders of course to take your coffee with you and back here i said oh what’s gonna be in there he’s like well not sure yet i said well it should be champagne just like a rolls royce you know rolls royce compartment you lift this out you got champagne and some flutes and off you go champagne would be more expensive than the trip if you bought a champagne bottle that’d be twice as much as you paying for a seat in this baby that is absolutely insane all right there are some things that i can’t explain so i’m gonna get the co-founders in right now brett and adam come on over guys these are the co-founders of this beauty right here this is in st thanks for coming i love how cool you guys made it as well because you could have just made like an aircraft that looks like do you know me but you guys are like let’s make a badass and i love that like with the gullwing doors and everything was that just a design but this is not for function right this is just let’s make it look really cool goldwing doors are the coolest kind of yeah yeah i have to agree with you there 100 so okay what the one thing that i think a lot of you are asking right now because i was asking the same thing is how on earth can you make a trip so cheap in a plane that looks so badass yeah i mean it’s a good question so uh the first thing here just we’re building a vertical takeoff landing aircraft so it’ll take off a lot like a helicopter vertically without the need for runway and what’s really important to us is to drive down the cost uh for the masses yeah every person can take yeah exactly this is very much different than a helicopter so a lot of folks will say you know helicopters are really expensive will this be expensive exactly so we have 70 to 80 percent less parts than a helicopter we have no called critical components components that could fail have a catastrophic event on the aircraft those require a lot of maintenance yes maintenance is the biggest cost for a helicopter right every single day right we have no fuel costs because we’re charging very affordably and we’re going to utilize these across the network so we can get a lot of trips in per day yeah it helps drive down the cost yeah and also we have like some great manufacturing work we’re doing to help manufacture these scale ultimately to have you know economies of scale to help drive down costs all the time so when you guys first launch because if you just had the one of this or one or two maybe three you can never offer a ticket for 30 to 40 for a trip how many are you actually going to launch with for that to be even feasible to charge that much right well we’re thinking about the entire network right so we’re building our manufacturing capabilities to be able to support a large launch you know year one when we launch in 2024 we’ll be getting through the certification process yeah and as we start to expand it since 2025 you know our goal is to have two to 300 planes launched that year two to three hundred planes launching in one year that’s incredible and you guys are launching in la where we are right now and in miami so those 200 to 300 planes across those two locations that’s absolutely right i mean two great cities for us we now this year la miami fraught with traffic problems a lot of existing real estate for us to land on yeah hello pads and rooftops yeah so you guys can actually because it looks quite wide but you guys can actually just land on a on a helipad anywhere absolutely we’re basically designing to land on any conventional helipad so which generally means we have to have a wingspan less than 50 foot yeah in order to fit into a landing site like that yeah the good news is that we can land on existing helipads at airports but also retrofitting parking garages land parcels and rooftops because there are a lot of rooftops that aren’t being utilized at this point right they’re just literally rooftops that’s it and so you guys can actually retrofit it somehow with a charging station or like you know what else what else do you need actually it’s actually quite easy so one is the top level of the parking garage is the most underutilized part of that parking garage right you don’t park on the top where it gets hot you park your town below so there’s a lot of parking garage out there that are already centrally located yeah that want to work with us right all we really need to do is likely retrofit those with charging infrastructure okay so think like a tesla supercharger right so the capability to be able to plug in and then take off again as brett said you know those vehicles are actually not that big right within a 50-foot diameter and they weigh less than 6000 pounds yeah this is quite interesting because you look at this and you go well this thing first of all it’s full of batteries it’s fully electric and we know batteries can weigh quite a lot and that’s what that’s been the struggle up until now to create a fully electric plane is because the batteries are so heavy but this is quite interesting that this only weighs about the same as a tesla model like so it’s like parking a car that’s it i mean listen we’ve had to solve some really hard engineering problems to get here one is weight how do we get as many batteries on board as possible the good news is that we’ve had a couple decades of battery energy density improvements which means we can fit more energy in a battery pack for less weight than we ever could have before yeah which also helps second is entire airframe you’re seeing here was made out of carbon fiber composite okay and so it’s five times stronger than steel for the same amount of weight so basically means we can design an aircraft a lot lower weight maximize the amount of batteries make sure there’s enough area for luggage people pilot all the right things in here to make this work today yeah so with this aircraft you’re seeing now we’ll start test flights this year it can do up to 60 miles yes at 150 miles an hour that’s the worst case into life on the battery with emergency reserves yeah and so and you know as battery gets better we’ll be able to go further and do uh flights for cheaper yeah so the batteries you guys are in here you guys said that they’re just sitting in this area behind the seats yeah so they’re right behind there’s a bulkhead here behind the passengers yeah and there’s basically a thousand pound battery pack here it’s about 75 kilowatt hours that powers the aircraft for both takeoff and landing which is basically a high power mission yeah and then ultimately in cruise flight which ultimately takes a lot less power yes we have this really long 40 foot high aspect ratio yeah helps reduce power i i came today just going what is this thing going to be and um i’m surprised that it’s going to be a mass movement i thought okay for a few select individuals to get around the city that is not what these guys are aiming for they want to really reduce congestion and that’s good news for everyone i know where i live in dubai there are certain times of the day where you just do not want to be driving to a specific location you get into one of these so what would happen is initially you’d take your car to wherever the closest car park is or helipad whatever it is get in one of these and then as you guys create more of a network there’ll be way more of these landing pads and you could even have one like i don’t know a few meters away from your house at some point you might think okay well this is a bit gimmicky will we ever see it yes we are going to see it i have a massive congratulations to give to you guys because united airlines have bought how many of these already 200 200 of these united airlines has already purchased so we’re going to see at least 200 of these in the very near future that’s incredible that’s really incredible guys well done that’s amazing so when do we see this in 2024 we will bring these planes to market 20 24 get it in your diaries purchase a diary three years in advance for 2024 write it in there can i get in one of the first that would be unbelievable absolutely yes all right subscribe to the channel so you can see one of the very first flights of the maker by archer that was awesome guys thank you so so much it’s fantastic i can’t wait to see this actually going all right there you go guys what do you reckon are you excited i’m excited i can’t wait to get in one of these they are getting all the approvals that they need to actually bring this to market in 2024 like in three years which is crazy all right guys make sure you like the vid subscribe to the channel and we’re going to see you on the next vid somewhere else in the world i love you guys bye we’re out i’ve been listening to everything you said it’s i got the feeling that you know

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