Electric Porsche sedan Taycan sets new speed record

Electric Porsche sedan Taycan sets new speed record


According to the results of tests of the popular American automotive magazine MotorTrend, the German electric sedan Porsche Taycan has set a new speed record in overcoming 402 meters for electric vehicles. He was even faster Tesla Model S in version P100D.

According to U.S. magazine MotorTrend (MT), all-electric sedan all-wheel drive Porsche Taycan in the performance of the Turbo S can drive a standard distance of 402 m (quarter mile) faster than all previously tested cars.

The publication claims that “the previous record holder among electric vehicles (BEV) had the sedan Tesla Model S in version P100D (known as Plood), the result overcome 402 meters which is of 10.51 seconds and a top speed equal 201,12 km/h Test Taycan Turbo S accelerates “by 9.17 km/h faster at a speed of 209,81 km/h for up 10.47 seconds”.


In addition, MT shares what Taycan Turbo S: “was the third fastest Porsche and 12th quickest of any vehicle over the last ten years research, which was conducted by experts edition of MotorTrend. He even was faster than a sports coupe 911 Turbo S”.

MotorTrend noted that when testing electric cars every participant must have a charge level of at least 75% or higher and the temperature behind a Board should be not less than the 26.6 Celsius.”

Test drivers say that Porsche and Taycan and used Tesla Model S all-wheel drive system, which helped them to perform so well in tests for acceleration.

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