Electric Renault ZOE RS will come to replace the Clio RS

Electric Renault ZOE RS will come to replace the Clio RS


Produced version of the Renault ZOE electric drive Renaultsport.

Bosses at the firm told us that the successor to the Clio is no longer a viable business proposition, and that hot ZOE is currently the preferred option, in order to fill the gap.

Renault previously flirted with the idea of EV on the basis of performance in 2017, when demonstrated the concept of e-sports ZOE. A working prototype was presented the technology learned from the efforts of French firms in the Formula E; installation with two engines provided the power of 454 HP and acceleration up to 0.22 mph in 3.2 seconds, but the concept was never intended to run in production.


However, Ali Kasai, Executive Vice-President of Renault’s product planning, told us that future models of Renault Sport must correspond to the electrification strategy of the brand.

“We should keep abreast of current trends; we need to invent the future of sports cars. It is the role of Renault Sport to be innovative,” said Kasai. “ZOE, this concept is exactly what we thought and we still think. This car has been appreciated by many people, they like, they want to buy it according to the feedback we receive”.

Latest ZOE is powered by a battery 52 kW / h, which actuates the motor power 132 HP on the front axle. The stated range of 245 miles. Renault Sport may develop a more performance-oriented model in various ways; first, you need to sacrifice part of the car, adding a more powerful motor. Another possibility is to install an additional engine to the rear axle ZOE.


Kasai added:

“The question is, what is performance? What is the range of this car? As it will be on the track? Renault Sport is a serious player, so if we do the car, it should have performance. But if he can drive only one lap of the track, and then have to go to the charging station, it is not what we want to do.”

One of the determining factors why bosses tend to the hot Renault ZOE is the collapse in economic justification for the Clio RS. Kasai said that the increasingly stringent targets on CO2 emissions has made it impossible to take the car to the market at an affordable price.

“Today, the Clio RS will require very sophisticated technology to achieve lower levels of CO2. And maintaining the high performance necessary for such a vehicle, you have to charge such a large premium that these customers basically can not afford it,” said Kasai us. “At the moment, even if we love sports cars, as is done in our history, we can’t find the solution to this equation is impossible.

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