Electric retrokar “Carmen” became more powerful and easier

Electric retrokar “Carmen” became more powerful and easier


The Deluxe model of the revived Hispano Suiza rose another 11 million.

“Charged” electric hypercar Carmen Boulogne, which was originally announced at the Geneva motor show, celebrated its world debut in spite of all coronaviruses. The only model of the Spanish brand very much has changed in terms of design and technology and has become even more exclusive.

To distinguish this new “Carmen” from last year’s simple: it has open rear wheels, the bodywork of the “naked” carbon fiber and numerous copper accents outside and inside. The interior has also been rethought. Thanks to new components chassis and a carbon roof the car’s weight has been reduced from 1690 to 1630 kg.


The power of the twin-engine power plant is raised to 1020 1114 HP as a result, acceleration time to 100 km/h decreased from 3 to 2.6 seconds and maximum speed increased from 250 to 290km/h. a T-shaped battery left standard 80 kilowatt-hours. It still is enough for 400 kilometers – however, the indicators are outdated and distant from the reality of the NEDC cycle. Charging from 30% to 80% through a high-speed port type CCS2 takes half an hour. Also supports CHAdeMO standards and GB/T.

Inspired by racing past the original “Spanish-Suiza” Carmen Boulogne will be released only in five copies, and they will be included in the previously announced total circulation of 19 cars. Hot electric car was estimated at 1.65 million Euro to 150 thousand more than the standard. Orders are already being taken, but the beginning of deliveries is scheduled only for 2022.

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