Electric Rivian and ICE Tundra: compared in towing a trailer

Electric Rivian and ICE Tundra: compared in towing a trailer


The Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel has published a test video of the electric Rivian R1T and the new generation Toyota Tundra pickup truck. During the test drive, the experts decided to find out how towing in real conditions will affect the smell of the electric car. During the race, a 900-kg Colorado Teardos Classic Line trailer equipped with 35-inch tires was attached to both vehicles.

The first test participant was Rivian R1T. At the moment of attaching the trailer, the system of the electric car immediately asked the driver whether to turn on the towing mode, which is used to prevent damage to the model. In this driving mode, the battery truck turns on a high level of regenerative braking, and also makes the suspension stiffer to withstand a high load. In towing mode, before driving, Rivian’s system estimated a range of 217 kilometers. However, on the track, the range of the electric car has increased to 247 kilometers. At the same time, in normal driving mode, the 835-horsepower Rivian R1T is able to drive up to 770 kilometers without recharging.

The test was carried out with the climate control system on at an average speed of about one hundred kilometers per hour. Given the performance, the electric pickup truck traveled approximately 247 kilometers in 2 hours and 45 minutes at an average speed of 90 kilometers per hour, while consuming 91 percent of the battery charge. The experts concluded that before the batteries were completely discharged, Rivian could cover 270 kilometers without using the battery saver mode. The new Toyota Tundra took about 45 liters of fuel for the same distance, which is 32 percent of the total tank volume. Thus, a restyled Japanese pickup truck is able to drive 760 kilometers with a 900-kilogram trailer.

Last August, Rivian showed the off-road capabilities of the R1T electric pickup truck. For the demonstration, experts drove an electric car in a pond more than 90 centimeters deep.

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