Electric sedan Honda Clarity discontinued

Electric sedan Honda Clarity discontinued


This electric car debuted in the 2017th, at the motor show in new York. The novelty is positioned as the first affordable electric car that can accommodate five passengers.

Honda decided to stop production of its electric cars, the Clarity, the models on fuel cells and hybrids brand is not going to give up, reports USA Today. On the sedan with zero emissions, the company has high hopes, however, buyers of novelty not particularly interested. The “problem” location of the electric vehicle was a small dalnobojnost – only 143 miles. It provided the battery is 25.5 kWh Customers expect from electric cars higher in terms of range.


Recall Honda EV Clarity was the only brand of electric vehicles on the US automotive market. While electric sedan from Honda was a distinct advantage: it was the first electric car brand that supports fast charging. To replenish energy up to 80 percent can be had in 30 minutes.

Family Clarity was represented by hybrid and fully electric versions, and a modification of the fuel cell.

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