Electric sedan Mercedes EQS sent to the wall

Electric sedan Mercedes EQS sent to the wall


Euro NCAP has checked the safety of the new German electric car Mercedes-Benz EQS. The car passed all tests and received the highest mark.

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQS electric sedan has earned a maximum five stars for safety in crash tests from Euro NCAP. The electric car received 96% for the protection of adult passengers, and 91% for the safety of children. This is the best result among all machines tested this year.

A luxury electric car weighing 2,480 kilograms for pedestrian protection was awarded 76 percent. The inspectors rated the work of the on-board security systems at 80%.

Traditionally, Euro NCAP has shared a video from the Mercedes-Benz EQS tests on its official YouTube channel. Thanks to these shots, we see that the German electric car has passed the tests, but not one hundred percent.

There were some nuances when the car crashed into an obstacle that imitates the same car, or ran into a pedestrian.

But the KIA Sportage crossover failed the Latin NCAP crash test with a score of zero stars. Unlike Euro NCAP, this independent organization rarely encounters excellent students.

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