Electric SUV from Renault: low cost and 600 km reserve

Electric SUV from Renault: low cost and 600 km reserve


Corporation Renault intends to demonstrate before the end of this year own electric SUV.

Yet unnamed, the new product should build on the basis of modern platform CMF-EV, which debuted on the concept Morphoz, informs a portal LArgus.

The new model is expected to be offered in several performance levels and battery capacity. She can pass on one charge of up to 550 – 600 km.

The French Agency does not disclose its own sources, for this reason, many experts are skeptical of this news, when it comes to budget compact electric car, because even now it is very difficult to achieve such autonomy, while retaining unchanged the cost and the weight of the car.


Because information about the new product appeared to cancel an auto show in Paris, we can assume that a new electric car will show between 29 September and 11 October.

It is expected that the production of the new model will establish the enterprise brand in the Northern part of France. The first copies of the new electric cars should appear at dealers in the spring of 2021-th.

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