Electric SUV Volkswagen will present in 2023

Electric SUV Volkswagen will present in 2023


The official name of the project used in the headquarters of Volkswagen (Wolfsburg), is “Ruggdzz” (from the English. “rugged”, that is “strong, harsh, massive”). To demonstrate compliance with this title, the SUV has claimed a vertical radiator grille with rectangular headlights, almost flat hood and roof, simple lines of the side panels and the front body posts set closer to the vertical axis.

Sounds like not the usual approach to the design of modern electric crossover. The fact that Ruggdzz is a model of the Icon series, which is designed to continue the tradition of timeless values Beetle (you have to admit that the “beetle” has become a real cult car, so to appeal to his heritage – a very thoughtful move). This series consists of ID Buzz (electric van, the production version of which should appear in 2021), as well as ID Buggy.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

Approximate size electric Ruggdzz (according to the publication Autocar) should be around 4600 mm. four-wheel drive SUV will be built on the platform of the MEB programme and will receive two electric motors, answering everyone for the axis. It also means that there is the ability to efficiently distribute torque to the wheels with the current best grip with the road. Which, of course, is an advantage when driving off-road.

Volkswagen Buggy ID

In addition, the plans of the company with the long-wheelbase version with three rows of seats. It can be assumed that the target markets for these devices will be China and the United States.

Serial version Ruggdzz should appear in 2023. He will be one of 30 SUVs in the line of the brand (that is how much SUV in the model range Volkswagen is scheduled for 2025). The SUV has to compete with such electric, iX3 as BMW and Mercedes-Benz EQB.

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