Electric track car Apex AP-0 equipped with autopilot

Electric track car Apex AP-0 equipped with autopilot


At a special event in London Hong Kong firm Apex Motors unveiled a concept electric track car AP-0. Lightweight Dogdore, allowed on ordinary roads, developed in cooperation with renowned British designer, guy Colborne and equipped with an autopilot the third level.

The basis of the Apex AP-0 – carbon monocoque modular subframes and the Central “spine” that connects the front and rear of the car. Pendant – height-adjustable stand and rod pushers in the style of a Formula 1 car. Luxury cars fitted wheels in size 19 and 20 inches (front and rear respectively) and brakes with 360 and 340-millimeter discs uglerodosoderzhaschie. At length AP-0 718 comparable with Porsche Cayman, but wider and lower German sports car. Weight – 1200 pounds.

In appearance Apex AP-0 there are references to Formula-1 and limanowski prototypes. A special form of the bottom allows you to create a machine under the low pressure zone, more pressing pressing dvuhdverka to the ground when cornering. The ground clearance of 95 mm.


Powerplant “Apex” consists of mounted on the rear axle electric motor and lithium-ion battery 90 kilowatt-hours. It is installed under the floor and weighs 550 pounds. The electric motor produces 658 HP and 580 Nm of torque, driving the track car to a hundred in 2.3 seconds – this time can boast, for example, 1842-horsepower Hennessey Venom F5. Maximum speed is stated at 306 kilometers per hour.

The reserve AP-0 is 515 kilometers (WLPT). The battery supports charging power up to 350 kW and is filled to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. When using a regular 22-kilowatt terminal it will take eight hours.

In salon electric “Apex” fitted with carbon fiber seats-buckets. The wheel is made of milled aluminum and carbon fiber.

One of the features of Apex AP 0 – mounted on the longitudinal stabilizer lidar, scanning the space around the vehicle to generate detailed three-dimensional maps. Lidar “sees” 100 meters ahead in all weather conditions, helping the driver assistance systems (ADAS) to more accurately identify potential threats.


Part of the ADAS is also Level 3-autopilot with lane control and adaptive cruise, which in the future can be extended via the firmware. In addition, the electric vehicle equipped with a holographic display, augmented reality and virtual racing coach.

Production Apex AP-0 to a not yet built factory in Surrey, UK, will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022. The starting price of the supercar will be 150 000 pounds.

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