Electric van Mercedes-Benz eVito has become more long-range

Electric van Mercedes-Benz eVito has become more long-range


Mercedes-Benz has updated the “stuffing” of the electric version of the Vito van. He received a battery of increased capacity and began to drive much more from charge to charge.

The commercial electric vehicle Mercedes-Benz eVito is driven by an engine on the front axle. Its power and torque have not changed – 85 kW (116 hp) and 360 Nm. However, the capacity of the traction lithium-ion battery has grown by 70% compared to the pre-reform car, which has been produced since 2018, and is now 60 kWh.

With the previous eVito battery, according to my passport, I drove a modest 150 km on a single charge in the far from reality NEDC cycle. And with new batteries – up to 242-314 km in a more believable WLTP cycle. “Consumption” in the combined cycle is declared at the level of 27.2-21.3 kWh / 100 km.

Together with the new battery, eVito received an upgraded charging system with support for fast charging. From 50-kilowatt DC power stations, the battery charges from 10 to 80% in about 50 minutes, and from 80-kilowatt power stations in 35 minutes.

For more efficient use of energy, the updated eVito has been equipped with an advanced recuperation system. It automatically analyzes the driving mode according to the indications of the electronic assistants and, depending on this, selects the optimal settings.

In Germany, the updated Mercedes-Benz eVito will be available to order from early 2022. Prices for an all-metal van start at 46 thousand euros for the standard version and 47.5 thousand euros for the extended version.

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