Electric vehicle EV Dolphin Karry: cheap Chinese but from the French “face”

Electric vehicle EV Dolphin Karry: cheap Chinese but from the French “face”


Chinese Karry brand, owned by Chery and producing mainly commercial vehicles, has introduced a mid-size electric vehicle EV Dolphin own design. He has a very simple design, low price and cute design. Sales start in late December.


If the brand of Chery with its international ambitions have already mastered world-class technology and employs the best of Western designers, the child utilitarian Karry brand works the old fashioned way: produces a simple inexpensive machine, stylized cars. So, fresh electric van, EV, Dolphin in front, like cars and crossovers Citroen, but structurally does not have anything to do with them.

Dolphin EV – van class-Citroen Jumpy with a capacity of just over a ton (1070 kg). Wheelbase is 3380 mm, length – 5457 mm, width – 1850 mm, height – mm. 2046 In the back fits up to 7.5 cubic metres of cargo. The basis of the machine is a simple frame made of rectangular profiles. Battery with a capacity of 44.5 kW·h hanging under the “belly” of its full charge lasts only 271 km on outdated NEDC cycle, that is, in reality no more than 200 km. Front suspension – independent type McPherson, rear – dependent spring. Drive wheels – the rear, but the electric engine (82 HP, 230 Nm) located in the front, so that leaves classic layout. Maximum speed – 100 km/h.

The cabin is framed, that is, with the claim: wave-like front panel, tablet, multimedia systems, electronic instrument panel, push-button control panel with air conditioning. The equipment also includes a rearview camera and “multifunction steering wheel”. Modes manages the puck on the center console. Chairs with integrated headrests behind them is an observation window in the cargo compartment. Decorated this, frankly, rude, like a makeshift shed, but the floor and wheel arches carefully covered with a sheet of stainless steel.

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On the home market Karry Dolphin EV will be released on December 31 and will cost 144 800 yuan ($20 400) that is quite cheap for an electric vehicle, and given the state subsidies the price even lower – from 124 800 yuan ($17 600). The Chinese government is threatening to abolish subsidies, but even without them, the sluggish demand for electric vehicles is provided in large cities, the authorities simply do not give (or give very little) approval for the purchase of cars with internal combustion engines, and goods to the public something to carry it.


Dolphin EV – not the first electric car in the line Karry. On the basis of the youngest of a family of trucks and vans Yo-Yo offered two “train” with a battery capacity of 34 and 40 kWh On a single charge they can travel 200 and 228 km on the NEDC cycle respectively. Alas, take the Yo-Yo is bad: for the first half of 2019 subject to the gasoline versions sold a total of 2653 pieces, by 66.5% less than the same period last year. Managers Karry hope Dolphin EV will be more popular urban carriers.

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