Electric vehicles “capture” of Europe

Electric vehicles “capture” of Europe


According to the Brussels Federation of transport & environment Transport & Environment – investments aimed at the development of electromobility Europe, grew by 19 times in comparison with the 2019 year. In total, European countries, as well as individual companies invested in the electric industry is three times more than China, which until recently was considered a recognized leader in this field.

If we consider the individual representatives of the European Union, the investments were distributed as follows. The first place by the amount of the funds in elektromobilitat is Germany. It is planned to involve in the development of environmentally friendly transport about 40 billion euros, the implementation of which will be engaged such giants as Volkswagen and Tesla. At the same time, Tesla will be erected in the vicinity of Berlin, several production sites for finished cars and components for them.


Next in the ranking is the Czech Republic with the stated investment threshold at 6.6 billion euros. In the Czech Republic, Volkswagen (the company includes the Skoda) by 2029 plans to release the 75 electric vehicle models.

The manufacturers of France, the United Kingdom and Sweden announced $ 1 billion investment in eco-transport. The company Opel intends to invest in the Spanish electric industry about 300 million euros.

Completing the list of Hyundai and KIA. Their investments in the Croatian automotive industry involved in the production of electric vehicles does not exceed an amount of 80 million euros.

The increase in the financing of the sphere of electromobility is due to the growing demand for green transport.

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