Electric vehicles in winter: how much will the power reserve decrease?


On average, the power reserve of electric cars in winter is reduced by 40-60%. The best Chinese models have shown themselves.

In China, a large-scale test drive of electric vehicles was carried out in severe frost. It’s no secret that in cold weather the battery of an electric car quickly loses its charge and the publication MyDrivers decided to check how much the range decreases.

The tests were carried out in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, which is famous for severe frosts. It was attended by 40 electric cars and plug-in hybrids at once. They were fully charged and left outside overnight in a frost of -20 degrees.

Then, in the morning, electric cars set off on a trip along the same route in the city and on the highway. Each car had a driver and a passenger in the cabin, and the climate control was set to +24 degrees.

The average power reserve loss was 40-60%. Oddly enough, Chinese electric cars turned out to be the most long-range in cold weather.

Electric vehicles with the largest range in cold weather:

  1. NIO EC6 – power reserve 336.9 out of 615 passport km (loss 45.22%)
  2. Xiaopeng P7 – range 316.2 out of 670 km (-52.81%)
  3. Zeekr 001 – cruising range 298.4 out of 606 km (-50.76%)
  4. Nezha U – cruising range 294.9 out of 610 km (-51.66%)
  5. HiPhi X – cruising range 291.2 out of 550 km (-47.05%)

It is noteworthy that the budget electric car Wuling Hongguang Mini EV lost the least percentage. The miniature car drove 103.2 km with 170 km of passport, that is, lost 39.3% of the range.

It is noteworthy that well-known global models performed worse than electric cars for the Chinese market:

  1. Tesla Model Y – cruising range 279.6 out of 594 km (-52.93%)
  2. Audi e-tron – range 272.3 out of 465 km (-41.44%)
  3. Volkswagen ID.4 – cruising range 269 out of 520 km (-48.27%)
  4. Polestar 2 – cruising range 246.6 out of 512 km (-51.84%)
  5. Porsche Taycan – cruising range 226.2 out of 414 km (-45.36%)
  6. Tesla Model 3 – range 200.2 out of 468 km (-57.2%)
  7. Volkswagen ID.3 – range 167.3 out of 430 km (-61.09%)
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