Electric Vehicles per Year: Bentley’s Plans

Electric Vehicles per Year: Bentley’s Plans


Bentley introduced the Five-in-Five plan. It means that from 2025, a new electric model will appear every year for five years.

Bentley announced its transformation into an electric vehicle company in the fall of 2020, unveiling a long-term strategy called Beyond 100. The main stages of this process are the release of the first electric car at the end of 2025 and the transition from 2026 to the production of exclusively hybrid or fully electrical models. The new Five-in-Five plan is an addition to this “big” program.

Despite the fact that Bentley is developing battery cars with colleagues from Audi and Porsche, they will be produced exclusively at the company’s historic plant in Crewe. The company has already begun to prepare for the transition from the production of cars with internal combustion engines to models with electric propulsion.

The new “Dream Factory” involves zeroing the environmental impact of manufacturing. By achieving carbon neutral production in 2019, Bentley aims to reduce water consumption, waste and other environmental impacts for every car made in Crewe to an absolute minimum by 2030. In particular, it was decided to install 40,000 solar panels, which will provide the complex with “green” energy.

The company has not yet disclosed details about the first Bentley electric car. In addition to the timing of the premiere, it is only known that it will be large, fast and luxurious. The type of body, the parameters of the power plants or information about the predicted range of the course, the British keep secret. Even the render of the new EV factory shows the 2019 Bentley EXP 100 GT concept.

Total investment in Bentley’s transformation is projected at £2.5bn by 2030.

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