Electric version of the BMW 7-series: the first photos

Electric version of the BMW 7-series: the first photos


The Bavarians are actively working to “green” competitor to the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

In the “big German Troika”, apparently, believe in spreading the craze of electric cars and the most expensive segment, with Daimler a prototype of a large green sedan already introduced in the Audi likelihood of creating elektroversiya flagship model also did not deny it. In Munich, respectively, set to work in parallel.

Despite the fact that the prototype is “dressed” in the body of the current generation 7-series, the life of that model is coming to an end. Most likely, electric BMW i7 will be based on the platform of “seven” the next generation is not possible, develop with a view to use the different types of power plants.


That the eye photospin came across was the electric version, and not some banal BMW 745e, clearly says sticker on Board of a sedan with the words “electric test vehicle”. I wonder what the camo on the sides “mule” – just modest stickers on the head optics and rear lights. This may hint at a parallel testing some brand new technology the automotive world.

According to preliminary data, the base version of the BMW i7 will get the twin-engine powerplant with a return of around 550 HP and a 100-kilowatt battery, which will provide a range of up to 580 km. But will have an electric sedan and “heated” modification i7S: her engines will develop up to 670 HP, and the battery capacity will increase to 120 kWh. The possible date for the appearance on the market – 2022.

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