Electric Volkswagen has set the course record with 99 turns

Electric Volkswagen has set the course record with 99 turns


Volkswagen Motorsport has published a video which shows how electric car racing ID. R set a record by climbing the mountain Tianmen mountain in China. The vehicle driven by Frenchman Romain Dumas, who went 11-kilometer distance in 7 minutes and 38,585 seconds.

The famous road to the mountain Tianmen mountain, where the cave of “Heaven’s gate”, consists of 99 hairpin turns and elevation of 200-1300 meters. The previous record belonged to the SUV Range Rover Sport SVR, which in 2018 was able to climb on a mountain road for 9 minutes, 51 seconds.


Volkswagen ID. R has two electric motors that develops 680 HP and 650 N·m of torque. The weight of the car was only 1100 pounds. Racing electric car capable of accelerating from standstill to 100 km/h in 2.25 seconds.

The car belongs to several different high-speed achievements, including an absolute record of competitions in climbing the mountain pikes Peak (7 min. and 57,148 C) and the record Northern loop “Nurburgring” among electrical machinery (6 5,336 minutes and seconds). In addition, he is faster than all climbed the hill at the Festival of speed in the British Goodwood, showing the time 39,90 seconds.

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