Electric VW ID.5 will be only for Europeans

Electric VW ID.5 will be only for Europeans


This strategy is significantly different from what we see with the younger ID.3 and ID.4 series models.

The German company Volkswagen shared some information about the new coupe-crossover ID.5. according to the publication Automobilwoche, this German model will be sold exclusively in Europe and in the first couple of years will not exactly go beyond the continent.

The management of the German company does not doubt the success of the new product and believes that even with sales on just one continent, the profit will be good. Good sales volumes of the ID.3 and ID models make us believe in the success of the brand.4. Note that the model ID.4 has become global – moreover, it is produced not only in Germany, but also in China and the United States.

As for the small hatchback Volkswagen ID. 3, it is already successfully sold in Europe, and very soon it will begin to be sold in China.

Volkswagen cars are traditionally popular in the middle Kingdom market, and the electric car market there is developing at a rapid pace.

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