Electricity will not pass: heavy Ford pickups will remain on the ICE

Electricity will not pass: heavy Ford pickups will remain on the ICE


Ford North America President Kumar Galhotra made it clear that heavy vehicles with battery packs are not being developed at the moment. Experts suggest that the whole point is that electric pickups may be inferior to models with classic internal combustion engines in terms of towing capabilities.

Recall that the first all-electric Ford pickup was the F-150 Lightning, which is now in high demand. In just three weeks, the model was pre-ordered by more than 100 thousand buyers, and by the end of six months the number of bookings is approaching 200 thousand.

Buyers are not even confused by the fact that the electric pickup is not the best tractor in the family. The new Lightning can tow a 4536 kg trailer, while the petrol version is 40% better in this regard.

But traction capabilities are more important for Super Duty and Heavy Duty vehicles, and there is an unofficial arms race between Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, thanks to which consumers are offered increasingly powerful and durable models. Now the RAM 3500 holds the lead, which is capable of pulling a 17-ton trailer.

Still, in the long term, cars of these families will also become electric, because the global strategy of Ford implies a complete abandonment of internal combustion engines.

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