Electricross Chevrolet Menlo EV: 150 HP engine and a power reserve of more than 300 km


Menlo Chevrolet EV is preparing to start sales in China: local certification body has released images of the electric car and some features. It is expected that the model will premiere in September within the framework of the auto show in Chengdu, China.

The novelty is based on the electric hatchback Buick Velite 6 MAV EV. According to one, Menlo EV – analogue of the electric Chevrolet Bolt with zero emissions, on the other – Menlo developed exclusively for the Chinese market and technically different from the electric vehicle to the United States. While Menlo EV, and EUV Bolt can obtain a similar design.


About the crossover in the pictures it is known that it leads to the movement of electric power plant capacity of around 174 horsepower, and maximum speed is 150 kilometres per hour. The battery capacity and cruising range are not given.

For comparison, the U.S. market is represented by electric hatchback Bolt, which comes with a 203-horsepower electric motor and rides on a single charge of 380 kilometers per hour.

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