Electricross Nissan Ariya: a turning point in the development of the company?

Electricross Nissan Ariya: a turning point in the development of the company?


The history of the “green” SUV Nissan has begun, in fact, in 2017, when the firm introduced the concept IMx – a couple of years later, he turned in one more concept car that was essentially a pre-production prototype.

Serial version of the concept promised to show closer to the end of the year, but, it seems, to distinguish it from the concept will not be easy. In the network appeared the image of the SUV, which, as approved, is borrowed from the patent office of Argentina. The exterior conveyor sample Ariya, which became the object of a patent, is very similar to the appearance of the concept car, although there are some differences.

For example, in the images you can see the bumper from a different plastic, a different hatch located port charging, more compact wheels, antenna on the roof and Parking sensors. While the patent drawings of the crossover is devoid of side mirrors: it is possible that Nissan plans to supply Ariya instead, the rear view cameras for those countries where this is permitted by law. Finally, the SUV received optics simplified compared to the concept configuration.


In Nissan’s claim that the release of new products on the market will become more serious stage of development of the company than just the emergence of another electric vehicle: the advent of Ariya will mark the transition of the company to a new designer style. Accordingly, on this crossover can be like all future new “Nissans”. It is expected that sales Ariya company will begin next year. According to preliminary data, the serial vehicle will be equipped with one or two electric motors and batteries, providing a power reserve of up to 480 km.

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