Electrification Lamborghini not just one supercar

Electrification Lamborghini not just one supercar


There are new information about the notorious successor, the Aventador, and promised him transformation into a hybrid.

The most powerful at the moment, the serial Lamborghini, named Sian and presented in Frankfurt, is equipped with a compact 34-HP electric motor integrated into the gearbox. An auxiliary unit, however, is not able to get a luxury car to move on electric though any appreciable distance: the fact that for the sake of saving weight-Lamborghini used for Sian supercapacitors, not batteries.


But “ordinary” supercar, which should become the successor of the Aventador, this ability does not hurt. Therefore, as stated by the publication CarSales technical head of the firm, Maurizio Reggiani, now the question on installation on the future novelty of a full battery, while avoiding a significant increase in mass. Most likely, Lamborghini will go towards reducing the weight of the chassis. Along the way, it also will provide possibility of charging the battery from an external source.

In addition, the list of differences of a successor from the current Aventador supercar already announced improved handling (the Italians cook some fresh solutions) and other transmission. But the system of active aerodynamics, as Huracan Performante or series SVJ, the novelty will not receive. While it is still unknown when Lamborghini will bring a new supercar into the market.

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