Electro or DVS: what more do Europeans drive?

Electro or DVS: what more do Europeans drive?


A study commissioned by Nissan found that European car owners drive more electric vehicles per year than vehicles powered by traditional combustion engines. At the same time, most drivers of “green” cars are not intimidated by the limited range: as it turned out, they are quite satisfied with the number of charging stations available today.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that the owners of electric vehicles drive 630 kilometers more per year than the owners of cars with internal combustion engines. As noted by Arnaud Charpentier, vice president of product strategy for Nissan Europe, this proves once again that “battery” cars are not only a “smart choice” that are made with an eye to nature, but also really convenient means of transportation.

“It’s no surprise that people now drive more electric vehicles than ICE cars. We are confident that with the advent of new electric vehicles, range concerns will soon be a thing of the past, ”Charpentier said.

On average, owners of traditional cars drive 13,600 kilometers per year, and owners of electric cars – 14,300 kilometers, the study says. At the same time, Italians turned out to be the most enthusiastic drivers of green cars: they wind more than 15,000 kilometers annually. The residents of the Netherlands, who use their electric cars least of all, travel 14,800 kilometers.

Most drivers praised their electric cars: 69 percent said they were satisfied with the existing infrastructure and the number of charges, and 70 percent said that the range was more than they expected. At the same time, it is he who keeps the adherents of traditional internal combustion engines from buying an electric car: out of 30 percent of those who said that they would never buy such a car, 58 percent cited a small power reserve on a single charge as the reason.

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