Electro Rазряд: VW is preparing a “charged” version of ID.3

Electro Rазряд: VW is preparing a “charged” version of ID.3


Produced since the end of last year, Volkswagen ID.3, originally created as an electric car – will get a sports version.

According to “Autocar”, at the moment, Volkswagen is discussing sport modification ID.3 R.

“That’s what we’re looking at. I like this idea, however, we must decide whether the market to adopt this model,” said Frank Walsh in an interview.

Last year foreign colleagues argued that sports modification ID.3 R may get all-wheel drive, in addition, there was information that this version assigns the index of the GTX, writes “Drom.ru”. But now Volkswagen seems to have changed their plans.

“ID.3 can get all-wheel drive, but it is unlikely he will get it in the 1st generation. Modification GTX will not, but we still need to approve the R version with rear-wheel drive,” added Frank Walsh.


Volkswagen ID.3 is equipped with a 200-horsepower electric propulsion, driving the rear wheels. Sports version of the ID.R 3, according to foreign colleagues, will be equipped with a 300-strong unit.

But expect the imminent debut of the racing modification is not: the opinion of foreign colleagues, this will not happen before 2024, as the brand’s need to decide which of the implemented prototype ID.3 R technologies can be applied in production cars.

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