Electronic driving assistants suggested first to earn

Electronic driving assistants suggested first to earn


The insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS) released recommendations on the use of electronic driving assistants, which should cause drivers to behave more reasonably.

American experts from the Insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS) has published a set of recommendations on the safe use of electronic driving assistants in modern cars. According to them, people began to rely too much on active safety technologies that sometimes leads to loss of control and accidents. IIHS believes that all electronic systems should be based on the principle of shared governance and to take into account the absolute priority of the driver in any action. In addition, according to experts, assistants must have built-in limitations that do not allow them to use in those circumstances when it may be unsafe.


According to IIHS President David Hark, the system must be designed so that drivers actively participated in the management. Moreover, he proposes to make the drivers first deserve the aid of electronic assistants. For example, if the driver is not secure enough to drive a car independently, it first needs to improve their skills. But if he is careful and cautious, you will have the opportunity to use the electronic system to the fullest. However, manufacturers will have to provide vehicles the ability to assess the behavior of the driver.

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