Electrostan Ei6 Roewe debuts in Beijing in April

Electrostan Ei6 Roewe debuts in Beijing in April


The front part of the redrawn completely. The brand name appeared on the nose for the first time (before there was the logo-emblem). Lights – matrix. Under the license plate you can see the “eyes” of the autopilot. The size is unknown. The current ei6 length, width, height – 4671x1835x1460 mm, base – 2715.

The concern SAIC will present at the Beijing auto show (21-30 April) pure electric version of the Roewe sedan i6. Battery cityradio Ei6 with the unnamed reserve was the first to embody the new concept of “intelligent design”, why i6 looks like the following (second) generation. It is also interesting that the modification in the line ei6 present since launch the model in 2017, but it is connected to the network hybrid PHEV.

1.5 petrol turbo (169 HP, 250 Nm) with a couple of electric motor (136 HP, 230 Nm) to give 305 HP, 480 Nm, allowing Roewe ei6 Plus to exchange a hundred for 7.5 sec to reach 200 km/h. Importantly, however, the consumption of 1.5 l/100 km in the NEDC cycle. Prices hybrid – from 147 800 yuan ($21 500).

Charger connectors Ei6 located in access holes on the front fenders on both sides. Profile glazing seems not to have changed, you can not say about the area: the roof is almost completely transparent. Graphics lights, rear bumper and trunk lid – new.

Note, Roewe is not the first time played with uppercase and lowercase letters, for example, a hybrid crossover called the RX5 eRX5, electric – ERX5. It is unlikely that the power and Ei6 ei6 will be comparable, because the motors Roewe usually give 85 kW (116 HP), both at the universal Ei5 and SUV ERX5. However, the CD EZS MG (the MG brand enters SAIC) recently revealed the impact of one engine 110 kW (150 HP, 300 Nm). If Ei6 get a couple of these motors, and drive to full close. However, it’s hard to believe the mileage without recharging exceeds 350 km, even in outdated NEDC cycle.

The new design of Roewe sedans better than the old?

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