Elegant chest of the rare British coupe Jaguar XJ-C

Elegant chest of the rare British coupe Jaguar XJ-C


Specialists of the Polish company Carlex Design presented the restomod of a rare British coupe Jaguar XJ-C. The tuners have significantly redesigned the car’s appearance, giving it a more modern and at the same time aggressive look. In addition, the team did some serious work on the artificially aged interior, and also installed a new 400-horsepower gasoline engine under the hood of the model.

In the course of the work, the tuners Carlex Design redesigned the exterior of the coupe, giving the model a more modern look. The specialists reduced the number of chrome elements, made thinner bumpers, and also redesigned the false radiator grille and installed LED head optics. In addition, the restomod received widened wheel arches, a retuned suspension, as well as tinted taillights and a chrome trim on the trunk lid.

Most of the interior elements were inherited by the restomod from the original model. However, the tuners have upholstered the seats and door cards with hand-aged leather, and have installed a new dashboard and climate control system. Instead of the standard in-line “six” 4.2 or V12 5.3, specialists placed an eight-cylinder engine under the hood of the restomod, the output of which is 400 horsepower.

The creators did not disclose other characteristics of the power unit.

In early November, Hyundai presented images of the Grandeur sedan restomod. An unusual prototype equipped with an electric propulsion system was developed in honor of the 35th anniversary of the classic model.

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