Elektro Harley twice beat the Tesla Model 3 (video)

Elektro Harley twice beat the Tesla Model 3 (video)


New LiveWire electric motorcycle from Harley-liter 105 horsepower was able to beat Tesla in the electric car popular in the US racing in the quarter mile.

There were two check-in between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle and won both, said the organizers of the race.

Because of the characteristics of the acceleration electric cars have proven themselves in these races as very fast. Previous experiments showed that an electric Harley is not able to resist Model S, but the younger model was it quite on forces. It is obvious that Tesla weighs much more than Harley-Davidson, but the sedan is also much better aerodynamics.


First time LiveWire drove the quarter mile (402 meters) per of 11.67 seconds at the speed at the finish in 176,82 km/h. Model 3 in this race showed a time of 11.71 and speed 182,16 km/h on the finish.

In the first race at the Harley had a better reaction time, as it seems that the driver of the Tesla was waiting for something before I could leave the line. All-wheel drive Tesla allowed the sedan to move faster in the middle of the race, but LiveWire has returned the advantage to the end of the race.

In the second race the results for both participants were even better: 11.64 seconds and 177,88 km/h at LiveWire and 11,70 seconds and 183,64 km/h the Tesla Model 3.

Rather, more long stretches to win to still Model 3, as closer to the finish line, the distance between the cars decreased.

At the Geneva motor show in 2019 the American motorostoitel Harley Davidson announced that reserve their electric motorcycle LiveWire is nearly 50 km more than originally planned.

Harley Davidson representatives said that their LiveWire electric bike will have a maximum cruising range of 225 km on a single charge. The manufacturer said that the maximum that can drive their electric motorcycle is 177 km and the combined cycle ride is 140 km away.


The motorcycle comes with the HD Connect, which conveys to the owner through the connected app Harley data about the bike, including the battery charge and service reminder.

LiveWire price starts from $ 29.799. This is significantly more than other electric motorcycles on the market today. Company Zero, which is called “the Tesla of bikes”, sells its model S to Zero at a price of $10.995, and the Zero SR model with high mileage for $16.495.

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