Elite Euroblech seized right at the border

Elite Euroblech seized right at the border


It seems that the era of Eurobills is over? Perhaps, but not for everyone. Foreigners can import cars for temporary import for up to a year. This is what a Hungarian citizen wanted to do, who transported an elite Volkswagen Touareg worth UAH 2.2 million through the Dyakovo checkpoint.

However, for temporary import it was necessary to prepare the necessary documents. But with them there were problems. The customs officials suspected that the power of attorney presented by the foreigner when crossing the border was unrealistic. To check it, they contacted the notary who allegedly issued the document. And he replied to the request that he did not issue such a power of attorney. It turned out to be a fake.

According to the law, the customs officers did not let the foreigner into the Tuareg and detained her at the penalty area. In relation to the Hungarian, they drew up a protocol on violation of customs rules under Part 1 of Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. This article of the TCU provides for the imposition of a fine of 100% of the value of illegally imported goods with their confiscation.

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