Elon is shocked! Gasoline Tesla Model S (photo and video)

Elon is shocked! Gasoline Tesla Model S (photo and video)


The Tesla Model S electric car has gone through a very non-standard revision. The popular model was equipped with a gasoline engine. This is discussed in a video on the Rich Rebuilds Youtube channel.

The idea to perform an unusual tuning of the Tesla Model S came from the American Rich Benoit after his electric car was damaged by a flood. Tesla’s propulsion system was found to be unusable.

Rich decided to fit a 6.2-liter 426 hp V8 LS3 from the Chevrolet Camaro and a 6-speed manual transmission under the hood. However, it was not possible to simply replace the electric motors with a gasoline engine.

In order for a fairly large engine to fit into the front trunk of a Tesla Model S, the power frame had to be redone. And to install the differential, it was necessary to change the design of the rear axle.

Interestingly, the tuners managed to change the virtual instrument panel and add a tachometer. In addition, a gearshift lever appeared in the cabin. The filler neck of the gas tank was taken out into the hole where the charging port used to be.

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