Elon Musk danced in front of the factory workers

Elon Musk danced in front of the factory workers


Elon Musk outside the box came to my speech at the ceremony of the start of production at the Shanghai factory before solemnly announce the beginning of the Assembly, 48-year-old billionaire performed a solo dance. Improvisation, though it looks somewhat awkward, turned playful.

Mask dancing in the background of a slide with a photo of a Tesla Model Y, the second model, which will be produced at the Shanghai plant. The first was Model 3 – already, the company produced 1,000 electric cars a week with the localization of 30 percent. By the end of 2020, the level of localization is planned to increase to 100 percent. As for the plant, it is designed to build 250 cars per year.


While Model 3 can be bought in China for 355 800 yuan ($51 300), however, increasing the level of localization of production volumes, electric vehicles will drop by about 20 percent.

On account of the Mask – not one plate appearance. Why should only the presentation of a futuristic pickup Cybertruck Tesla, where Musk metal machine glass with metal balls and beaten with a sledgehammer on the body to demonstrate the level of armor.

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