Elon Musk sees competition in Chinese, not European electric cars

Elon Musk sees competition in Chinese, not European electric cars


The head of Tesla spoke via video link at one of the most important events in mainland China – the World New Energy Vehicle Congress, where he praised the Chinese auto industry, calling it the most competitive in the world, according to cnevpost.com.

According to him, China is today the largest and fastest growing market for cars running on alternative fuels, and Chinese consumers are increasingly opting for battery-powered models, which is why Tesla sees tremendous potential for growth in this country.

Musk especially noted the achievements in the field of software, assuring that now it is software that determines the future of each promising project from the very initial stage to the start of production. Moreover, autonomous driving technologies are now relevant, which introduces additional features of the programming of electronic assistants.

At the end of his speech, Elon mentioned that Tesla is working to reduce overall costs and increase production efficiency in order to make the brand’s electric vehicles more affordable. Such statements are especially relevant against the background of rumors about an upcoming budget hatch from the Chinese branch of Tesla.

Meanwhile, one of Musk’s main competitors, the startup Lucid, has reported the results of measuring the range of its first-born, the Air sedan. According to the EPA’s independent commission, the car has become the longest-range electric vehicle in the world, surpassing the results of the Tesla Model S Plaid by almost 200 kilometers.

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