Elon Musk spoke about his first car


In Twitter there was a picture of a young Elon musk repairing cars. The exposed mom of a billionaire may Mask. So she decided to show that her son can work not only his head, but and hands.

Later he Elon Musk spoke about the history of this picture. Did it in 1995, when the future founder of Tesla has just entered Stanford University.

Mask filmed with his first car – BMW 320i E21 1978. He bought the car in 1993 for $ 1400. The future billionaire changed the side window smashed by thieves who stole the radio.


Over time, he also had to remove a broken 4-speed manual transmission and put more modern mechanics on the 5-speed found on the scrapyard.

Later Elon Musk earned money, and in his garage appeared Hamann BMW M5, Porsche 911 and even the McLaren F1 (which he broke). Now in the collection of the head of Tesla is a Jaguar E-Type and the submarine Lotus Esprit from a film about James bond.

What was Your first car? And how it is You got?

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