Elon Musk spoke about some moments of Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk spoke about some moments of Tesla Cybertruck


When Tesla first unveiled its new all-electric Cybertruck pickup truck, it was equipped with rear-view cameras instead of mirrors. Then the public had questions about such a decision – US law prohibits the use of such devices. Later, the car was seen on public roads with classic mirrors, but they broke the futuristic look of the model.

But the other day, billionaire Elon Musk shared details about the rear-view mirrors of his new Tesla Cybertruck pickup. The fact is that according to US laws, rear-view cameras cannot be used instead of mirrors, so the model will be equipped with mirrors that can be easily removed, while the driver will still be able to see what is happening behind the car and on the sides thanks to the built-in cameras.

One way or another, by the time the Tesla Cybertruck goes on sale, US legislation may change, and the automaker will not need to equip an electric car with mirrors at all.

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