Elon Musk spoke about the value of the first pick-up Tesla

Elon Musk spoke about the value of the first pick-up Tesla

A large pickup truck with double cabin and seats for six people will be one of the cheapest electric cars of the American brand.

The first electric pickup truck Tesla will cost less than 50 thousand dollars. It is reported InsedeEVs with reference to the head of the American company Ilona Mask. Thus, the novelty can be one of the cheapest electric cars Tesla.

“You should be able to buy a really great pickup for 49 thousand dollars or even paying a smaller amount,” said Musk.

It is expected that the novelty will be a great pick-up double cabin and seats for six people. The car will have a futuristic design in the style of cyberpunk. In standard configuration the machine will have two electric motor with “crazy torque” all-wheel drive. A car can pass without recharging the batteries is about 650-800 km.

The basic version of the car will get adaptive air suspension that can automatically apply the optimal settings, depending on the specific load. Also pickup will be available with a proprietary system of semi-Autonomous control Autopilot function, fully automated parallel Parking, and also with system of the circular review.

In March, Tesla unveiled its new compact electric crossover called the Model Y. the car Prices start from 39 000 dollars. The crossover borrows existing the chassis of the Tesla Model 3. Tesla Model Y received two electric motors and is offered with battery packs of different capacities.

Tesla Motors, focused on the production of electric vehicles, founded in 2003. Since 2008 delivers on the market of sports car Tesla Roadster. In 2012, the company introduced the sedan Model S. the Headquarters of the manufacturer is in Palo Alto, California. The company employs more than two thousand people.