Elon Musk took a ride on the new truck Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk took a ride on the new truck Tesla Cybertruck


Futuristic pickup Cybertruck Tesla first went on public roads. While the prototype has slightly different headlights than the demonstration model, which showed at the presentation.

Video with the truck appeared on the YouTube channel the Roberto Cruz. According to the author of the video, behind the wheel of a pickup truck was sitting, the General Director of “Tesla” Elon Musk. Other netizens confirmed that the prototype of a pickup truck really went to the road, noting that Musk decided to ride on the new California restaurant Nobu.

Most notable in the prototype – different headlights. If a presentation model instead of the slim led strip, then this version on the sides of the band is something more like the traditional lights.


Reddit users, in addition to the roller with the drive of a pickup truck on the highway published a short video on how Elon Musk is already at the entrance to the restaurant knocks down a cone.

Pickup Cybertruck presented on November 22. Vehicle information is not enough. Tesla representatives did not disclose even information about the motor, limited only promises that the top version will accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 2.7 seconds.

The company received a record number of pre-orders for Cybertruck in the first two days after the presentation. In just two days there were 150 thousand wanting to buy a pickup truck, and to date this figure has increased more than two times.

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