Elon Musk’s Paradise: Electric cars occupied 80% of the Norwegian car market

Elon Musk’s Paradise: Electric cars occupied 80% of the Norwegian car market


Electric vehicle sales in Norway are breaking records again. According to a report by the local Council for Traffic Information, the share of purely electric models in September rose to 77.5 percent, or 13,941 units, up 45.8 percent from a year earlier. In addition, 2,508 plug-in hybrids were sold, making electrified models 91.5 percent of the Norwegian car market. The reasons for this lie both in benefits from the government and cheap electricity, and in the general welfare of the population.

In total, 17,992 new cars were sold in Norway in September, of which 16,449 are electric cars and rechargeable hybrids. This is more than the total number of cars bought in August, when the Norwegians bought a total of 16 427 cars, including models with internal combustion engines. The share of electric vehicles and hybrids in the last month of summer was a record 87.7 percent, but in September it increased to a new high of 91.5 percent.

As for brands, Tesla took over in September. The most popular model was the Tesla Model Y, which was chosen by 3564 residents of Norway. Tesla is also in second place – Model 3 with 2218 units sold, which in August took the third line. Skoda Enyaq (787 units), Toyota RAV4 (702) and Audi e-tron (672) went to positions from third to fifth.

Today Norway is the world leader in the transition to electric cars, which occupied more than half of the local car market last year. This is due to affordable electricity, high incomes of the population, market diversity, as well as stimulation of sales by the government: the owners of “green” cars are exempted from a number of taxes. According to the plans of the Norwegian authorities, by 2025 there should be no private cars and trucks with internal combustion engines in the country.

However, the policy that makes electric cars attractive may soon change. According to Reuters, Labor has pledged to introduce a 25 percent tax on cars valued at more than NOK 600,000. Tesla Model Y costs less, but demand for other models – Model S and X, as well as electric cars from Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz – may significantly decrease.

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