Elon Musk’s Roadster overcame 3.2 billion kilometers in space

Elon Musk’s Roadster overcame 3.2 billion kilometers in space


Almost 4 years have passed since the Tesla Roadster was launched into space on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. For all the time, the “mileage” of a car in space is 3.2 billion kilometers. So, an electric car would drive all the roads of the globe 49.5 times.

For information on where the Tesla Roadster is currently located, visit the WhereisRoadster website. There you can find out that the space car is moving away from the Earth at a speed of 6,005 km / h, approaching the Red Planet at a speed of 27,955 km / h. At the moment, the roadster is located at a distance of about 320 million kilometers from Mars. For 4 years, he made 2.62 revolutions around the Sun.

According to astronomer at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Jonathan McDowell, the car may still be intact, but may be damaged by meteorites, and due to cosmic radiation, the paintwork has come off.

The Tesla Roadster was closest to Mars in 2020. Then the distance was about 8 million kilometers. Now it has begun to approach the Red Planet again. In addition, there is a 22% chance that an electric car could hit the ground within the next 15 million years.

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